Commercial Flooring

Multi-family constriction, commercial flooring

In commercial construction, flooring stands as a fundamental element in the design process. Carpets of America takes immense pride in providing exceptional flooring solutions for multi-family new construction, offices and tenant improvement.

 Our comprehensive range of commercial flooring options spans from classic to contemporary, tailored to enhance design choices while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

For multi-family new construction projects, we recognize the significance of creating living spaces that are not only visually appealing but also capable of withstanding the rigors of high foot traffic. Our extensive collection of flooring materials blends style with resilience, ensuring that the flooring not only complements the design goal of the project but is also durable. From plush carpets that provide comfort underfoot to sleek sophisticated luxury vinyl plank, we offer sensible products that cater to any and all design tastes.

In office spaces and tenant improvement projects we know that functionality and style must work together for our commercial flooring partners. We understand that office environments require flooring that can withstand constant movement, accommodate technology infrastructure, and contribute to a productive atmosphere. Our range includes cutting-edge modular carpet systems that offer both design flexibility and acoustic benefits, as well as resilient flooring options that effortlessly merge durability with modern style.

Carpets of America is set apart not only by an expansive selection of flooring choices but also a management team that understands the nessesities of large scale projects. Add to that a skilled installation team and you have a recipe for sucess.